Sunday, December 29, 2002

A convoy of anti-war activists, likely to include dozens of British volunteers, will leave London next month to act as human shields protecting strategic sites in Iraq.
Oh please not again.
"These people will be distributed to vital and strategic installations in all Iraqi regions." said Saad Qasim Hammoudi, an official of the ruling Ba'ath party.
you’re just playing into their hands. I would have understood if they were getting humanitarian aid ready. Medicine, food transportable medical care units, anything but being human shields.
"Nobody is naive enough to believe that a superpower like the US is not going to bomb Iraq because there are peace people there," said Mary Trotochaud
so why are they coming, getting yourself killed won’t help anyone. If you want to help, be there at the border where a big number of refugees is expected, they will be scared, maybe injured and in need of help. Sitting in a power station hoping that it won’t get bombed is silly; we don’t have enough power now. I don’t care if an already defunct power plant gets bombed. Wait at the border with a small power generator and water treatment equipment. that is real help. Their hearts are in the right place and their support is much appreciated, but their efforts should not be abused. We do need you ALIVE.